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Modern Technologies & Analog Gears

Our masters are created using state of the art analog and digital equipment.


Is mastering an alchemy or a match of quality techniques and professional practices? We prefer the second option.


Moving to a truly balanced mix at home is a miracle rather than a real option. So take advantage of our services and look forward to a good result.

Sound Design

Sound design is often confused with equalizing and adjusting dynamics. Our sound design is focused on synthesizing reference sounds.

Ghost Producing

We offer custom-made music production in hardcore, crossbreed, gabber, frenchcore, uptempo, drum & bass, darkstep, speedcore or other styles...


Do you need to record songs or some live instrument? You will surely be interested in the professional recording space of our partners. You will be abducted by the sound.


Are you a talented producer, but your production has problem to find a way to the right fan? Get in touch with our experts in this area and get to know new horizons.

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About Us

4: tune studio was founded to enhance the quality of music production in the region of Banská Bystrica. The long absence of e-music studies and its current sub-genres has led us to the idea of implementing this project. Our goal is also to make professional services available to talented producers and bands who do not have complete technical equipment or have enough experience to create an excellent product in the form of a song or album.


The balanced blending service of your tracks is best suited for producers who record their ideas at home on either a PC or a hardware machine. Tracks can also be sent online with the necessary instructions and requirements. Material analysis, processing / adjustment of individual tracks, necessary equalization and dynamic correction of tracks or sub-groups will take place. The product of this phases will be a balanced mixdown without undesirable dynamic losses ready for the mastering phase.


The basis for good mastering is a balanced mix that needs to be exported in hi-res quality to .WAV (.AIFF for MAC) format, 32-bit float, stereo. If you upload the final mix of hardware or use software that does not support a 32-bit float, you can send the data in a 24-bit format. You choose the sampling rate either based on project setup or one of the following sampling frequencies: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz (the higher the better depending on the purpose of the music itself). In order to get a better idea of your preferred sound, you can send us a reference recording that will help us understand your personal preferences in terms of musical feelings.

Here you can choose from three types of mastering:

Stereo Mastering
Mid-Side Mastering
Stem Mastering


If you think education is expensive,
try ignorance.

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